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VapeAlly was established after the Chinese government introduced new policies regarding e-cigarettes. Funded and staffed by Fumot (RandM), ATVS, and QST, VapeAlly specializes in researching and developing new vape products as well as engaging in international trade. We have been granted an e-cigarette production and sales license by the Chinese government and are able to smoothly export to various countries. To date, we have three factories, with over 800 workers, producing more than 100,000 disposable vape pens and disposable vape pods per day.

VapeAlly Factory Oil Filling

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with more cost-effective and healthy e-cigarette products, quick and safe logistics, and high-quality service. We have established a warehouse in Russia and have exclusive agents for several products in Vietnam. We are also planning to establish warehouses or sales outlets in countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia.

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